Four Poor Macaws

Four Poor Macaws
Genre: Picture book
It's another particularly busy day at the vets. The surgery is packed full of poorly patients with lots of differrent illnesses and ailments. Let's take a look and see who's waiting to see the vet...
About the Book

Who’s waiting to see the vet? There’s…

One sickly shrew feeling fed up with flu.
Two laid up llamas looking ill in pyjamas.
Three chimpanzees all snotty with sneeze.
Four poor macaws with really sore claws.
Five croaky goats with very sore throats.
Six ducks with wings all wrapped up in slings.
Seven sickly snakes with shivers and shakes.
Eight weary sheep having trouble with sleep.
Nine trembling beavers unwell with fevers.
Ten waiting weasels all spotty with measles!