From Pond to Beyond

From Pond to Beyond
Genre: Picture book
One day an adventurous Frog gazes from the dark, dingy pond to the enticing moon way up above. Determined to hop all the way to it, the Frog sets off on his epic adventure, getting higher and higher, closer and closer. Eventually he reaches the moon, but he soon finds out that he isn't alone…
About the Book

Deep in a dale in a dark, dingy bog,
There lived an adventurous, curious frog.

One day as he gazed from his pad on the pond,
He decided to hop to the moon and beyond.

He put on his helmet (so in space he could breathe),
Then put on his cape. He was ready to leave!

With an almighty leap, a whole-hearted hop,
He hopped up a tree, all the way to the top…

…and then if by fate, a stroke of good luck,
He hopped really high…on a passing-by duck.

Up, up the frog flew to a head-spinning height,
Until he hopped off…to a high-flying kite.

Up, up the frog sailed on his quest to the moon,
But he soon hopped again…to a huge red balloon.

Up, up the frog floated, until once again,
He hopped himself off…to the wing of a plane.

Up, up the frog soared, then with all of his might,
He hopped off once more…to a big satellite.

Up, up the frog travelled, then hopped on a comet…
…then hopped to the moon when a short distance from it.

The frog was so happy he hipped and he hopped,
Until all of a sudden he suddenly stopped.

A strange noise arose from the crater below,
So he hopped on the edge and then bellowed “Heeelllooooo!”

A poor herd of Nurdles stood looking bemused,
Completely confused by the word the frog used!

The frog croaked again: “How come you’re down there?”
But the Nurdles still stood and continued to stare.

Then one of them spoke, “Nurdle, nurdle!” it said,
Now the frog was confused and just shook his head!

But the frog was determined to do all he could,
So the strange-sounding Nurdles could be understood.

He waved, and he pointed, he drew in the dust,
Until finally frog had the Nurdles all sussed!

“Your ship lost control and emergency landed,
It ran out of fuel now you’re stuck here and stranded.

“You’ve nowhere to go; your home’s just a void,
It was struck and destroyed by a huge asteroid!

“Worry not!” croaked the frog, “I’ll help you escape.”
And he urged all the Nurdles to hold on his cape.

“Grab tight with your grip and don’t let it slip,
It’s bound to be bumpy and jumpy this trip!”

Off, off the frog hopped with the Nurdles in tow,
And they headed for home many miles below.

They hopped from the surface, down to a comet…
…then down to a nearby satellite from it.

Down, down they all travelled, until once again,
They hopped themselves off…to the wing of a plane.

Down, down they all soared, now far from the moon,
Then they hopped on the top…of a huge red balloon.

Down, down they all floated, the ground now in sight,
Then they hopped even lower…to a passing-by kite.

Down, down they all sailed, then a stroke of good luck,
Saw them hop on the back…of a low-flying duck.

Down, down they all flew, then with the next hop,
They dropped to a tree on a branch at the top.

Down, down they continued, then one final bound,
The Nurdles and frog had found solid ground.

“I hope that you like your new home?” croaked the frog,
Deep in the dale in the dark dingy bog.

The Nurdles all smiled, they all looked content,
“Nurdle, Nurdle!” they cheered – frog knew what they meant.

And they all lived together hoppily ever after!