Imagine a World

Imagine a World
Genre: Picture book
It's bad enough when you put a red sock in with your white washing! But just imagine if the whole world had been thrown in a massive washine machine and all of the colours had run! Can you imagine? Caution: contains very colourful language!
About the Book

Imagine a world where the colours have run,
Been thrown in the wash then rapidly spun.
Would purple become the new shade of the sun?
Would a shiny bronze medal greet an athlete that’s won?

Would a bull charge a rag that was other than red?
What if our blood was blue when we bled?
What if I said grass was red now instead?
And if a bride’s gown was brown when she wed?

Would a fearsome Great White be as scary if pink?
What if a lime made a black looking drink?
What would you think if gold was now zinc?
A fearsome pink shark? Still scary, I think!

Would people still stop if stop had turned green?
Would people still munch on mauve margarine?
What if an orange was not tangerine?
And if chocolate was grey, would you still be so keen?

Imagine a world where the colours have run,
Wouldn’t it be different…wouldn’t it be FUN!