Moon, Moon, out too soon!

Moon, Moon, out too soon!
Genre: Picture book
The Sun is more than a little surprised to see The Moon out early. It turns out The Moon is unhappy with his ‘shift’ and apparently it’s The Sun that has all the fun; it’s only during the day that the exciting things happen and The Moon wants in on the action. But is that really the case? The Sun begs to differ and makes a compelling case for the night shift.
About the Book

Moon, Moon you’re out too soon.
You’re not due out till well gone noon.

But Sun, Sun, I want some fun
You have it all and I get none!
There’s NO excitement on my shift
When all the people do is drift…
…off to sleep and quietly lay,
Waiting ‘til you rise next day.

But Moon, Moon, that’s just not true!
Think about the things you view;
Seeing fireworks fizz and spark,
Can only happen when it’s dark.

But Sun, Sun, I have to creep,
As everyone is fast asleep.
You get to see the seaside swimmers…
…swimming as the ocean shimmers.
You see the picnics in the park;
They don’t have picnics in the dark!

But Moon, Moon, you fast forget
All the creatures that you’ve met.
You hear the hungry wolves a- howl,
The hooting of the hunting owl.
You glimpse the glow of fireflies,
And lanterns lighting up the skies.
And are you sure that night is boring,
When you see a bonfire roaring?

Sun, Sun, you’re so, so right,
I love the shift I work at night!
So Sun, Sun, I’ll see you soon,
For now I’m happy as the Moon.