Rex and I – The School Holidays

Rex and I – The School Holidays
Hurray! The school holidays have begun and that means fun, fun, fun for one little boy and his dog Rex! There’s never a dull moment as they visit the zoo, the library, the lake, the fair and the beach. Along the way they enjoy plenty of fun, but also some painful moments! But this is one school holiday they'll never forget!
About the Book

Today, hurray, the hols began,
So Rex and I drew up a plan;
Of all the things to do each day,
Of all the ways that we could play!

C’mon! Let’s play Rex!

Today we visited the zoo.
We saw the lions and monkeys too.
But Rex got lost and by mistake,
He ended up in with a snake!

Hisssss! Watch out Rex!

Today we spent time reading books,
But got some very funny looks.
People stood and stared at Rex.
Had they never seen a dog wear specs?!

Nice specs, Rex!

Today we walked around the lake.
We stopped halfway to take a break.
Some hungry ducks came to be fed,
But greedy Rex ate all the bread!

Quack! Greedy Rex!

Today we had fun at the fair,
And went on all the great rides there!
I loved the rollercoaster best,
But poor Rex didn’t look impressed!

Arrr! Scaredy Rex!

Today we went down to the beach,
And built a huge sandcastle each.
As Rex was digging with his paws,
A big crab grabbed him with its claws!

Ouch! Poor Rex!

Today we didn’t go and play;
Just shut our eyes and dreamt away.
Dreamt of ducks around the lake;
Dreamt of poor Rex and the snake;
Dreamt of all the books we’d read;
Dreamt of Rex’s spinning head!
Dreamt of castles made from sand;
Dreamt of all the things we’d planned;
Dreamt of all the things we’d done;
Dreamt of our great week of fun!

Sweet dreams Rex.